Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Wonderful Giveaway

If you have used Victorian Motto Sampler Threads, you know how beautiful they are. If you haven't tried them yet, you should!

Nancy is having another wonderful giveaway of a set of her threads. Stop by here to see how you can enter!

Good Luck!

YOW 2018

Hello friends, today is the official start of Soulful Stitching's Year of WIPs (YOW) 2018! Soulful Stitching is a Facebook group run by Melanie Watkins. Last year, I finished 12 out of 16 projects and I feel pretty good about that. Some of them were WIPs that were around for years. So this year, I have chosen 20 projects to work on for this SAL. 

Project #1: This is Dreidel, Dreidel from Ink Circles. This was my January 1 start this year (barely!)

Project #2: This is Carve Blessings from Count Your Blessings. Started in January 2017... this was supposed to be a 10 stitches per day project, but I found that hard to do, so here it is!

Project #3: This is Thread Gathering from Little House Needleworks. This was the original kit, and I started it soon after it came out, but I can't remember when that was, sometime in 2006 though.

Project #4: This is Olde Shaker Tune from Homespun Elegance. This was started January 2011, s part of  Crazy January Challenge.

Project #5: This is Hawaiian Mandala from Ink Circles. This was started in July 2016. I've had to buy threads for this 3 times because I kept losing them!

Project #6:This is Coffee Quaker from Heartstring Samplery. This was started in September 2017, a SAL I didn't keep up with.

Project #7: This is Mansfield Park from The Sampler Girl. I started this many years ago, but didn't like the fabric, so I restarted it again in November 2017. (this was one of my original pieces from last year but I misplaced the pattern and had to replace it with a different project.)

Project #8: This is Thirty Birds from Hands to Work. I started this in January 2011, another Crazy January Challenge start.

Project #9: This is The Bookshelf from Little House Needleworks. I started this in June 2006. (another piece from last year that I lost the pattern you see a trend here?)

Project #10: This is A Good Marriage from Lizzie Kate. I started this in January 2017 (again, barely!) I had hoped to finish this for our wedding anniversary last year...maybe this year?

Project #11: This is My To Do List from Lizzie Kate. I started this in January 2017.

Project #12: This is Necessities Sampler from Little House Needleworks, I started this in January 2015, another Crazy January Challenge start.

Project #13: This is Ocean Daughter from Who Knows? I started this in January 2017. I started this as pasrt of a monochrome challenge SAL but didn't get very far.

Project #14: This is Deers Among Wood from Dessins DHC. I started this in December 2017. I've had this in my stash for so long and I'm glad to finally have started it!

Project #15: This is To Be Thankful from Country Cottage Needleworks. I started this in September 2017, another birthday SAL piece.

Project #16: This is Warm Winter Woolens from Little House Needleworks. I started this in January 2012, another Crazy January Challenge piece.

Project #17: This is Gina, Queen of the Sea from Ink Circles. I started this in September 2017, as part of a birthday SAL.

Project #18: This is 47 Hearts from Silver Creek Samplers. i started this in February 2015.

Project #19: This is Quaker Gone Poe from Mchelle Ink. I started this in November 2017.

Project #20: This is Cinnamon Stars from Plum Street Samplers. I started this in November 2017.

Whew! So that's quite a lot! I think I have my work cut out for me. No real plan...I thought about doing a rotation, but I think I am more likely to just stitch what I feel like each day. I'll post my progress here, so I hope you'll follow me on this journey.

Until next time, please remember to be kind to yourself and others and to be grateful very day!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

TUSAL 2018

Hello friends! Today is the first New Moon of 2018, which means it is time for our first TUSAL check-in of the year. TUSAL stands for Totally Useless SAL and this SAL has been around for several years now. I didn't take part last year because I wasn't able to stitch for a good portion of it, but it's a fun SAL and I'm glad to join in again for 2018.

 To participate, you must have a blog or join the Facebook group (to post) and all you do is collect your ORTs  (those little leftover bits of floss) all month and post on each New Moon. It's fun, and if you want to join you can go here for all the details.

I've brought my Froggy out of retirement to help me share my orts for this month. There hasn't been as much stitching happening as I had planned, but I did start a few new projects, so the basket isn't empty!

Until next time, please remember to be kind to yourself and others and be grateful for every day!
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness 2018

Hello friends, well I'm a day late for this check-in, but better late than never!

Gifted Gorgeousness is a SAL hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching. We are supposed to share things that we are stitching for gifts, or things that were gifted to us, or using materials that were gifted to get the idea! I'm sort of stretching it with the piece I started on Saturday. This design was loaned to me by a stitching friend, but I consider being able to stitch it a gift, so I think it counts!

This is Grim Gourds by Plum Street Samplers. It's stitched on a 28ct. Jobelan (sandcastle) with mostly the called for DMC. I substituted Weeks Onyx for the 310 and Sunset Medium from Victorian Motto Sampler Threads for 729.

Until next time, please remember to be kind to yourself and others and be grateful for every day!
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Monday, January 8, 2018

WIPocalypse 2018 - the First Post

Hello friends! Thanks to all of you who welcomed me back. I am really looking forward to a year of stitching all the things!

WIPoocalyse is a yearly SAL in which participants try to get all their WIPs stitched before the end of the world. It was started by Melissa in 2011 or 2012 (I think) to help us all achieve that goal. You can find more information about the SAL here. Each month we also have a topic or question to talk about. For the first introduction, and talk about our plans and projects for the coming year.

I'm lynda, wife, and mother to two grown daughters and 4 furbabies, and grandma to one adorable little boy; a retired librarian and a stitcher since high school. I started with crewel embroidery and then stamped cross stitch and finally counted cross stitch. That was a long time ago, and my tastes have changed a lot since then. When I started, it seemed all I stitched were Precious Moments designs, and most of them, if not all, were given away as gifts. The first big piece I did was a unicorn tapestry that my mother still has hanging in her home. Now, my tastes run all over the place and I have lots of designers that I love from primitives to quirky. I especially love Quakers and samplers of all kinds.

A few years ago, I joined in on WIPocalyse...I think it was 2012. I started out pretty well but didn't get too much accomplished. Anyway, since I am also doing the YOW challenge (more on that in my next post), I decided to concentrate on some other pieces for this year's SAL. I am pulling out some UFO's, my four carryover pieces from last year's YOW and a couple more. (I am also going to post a page at the top of my blog of all the pieces that I have put at least a few stitches in...those that I can find, that is!)
(I apologize in advance for all the wrinkles in the photos!)

The UFOs date back to 2000! The first is from Paula Vaughn - the  January Quilt from her book Quilts for All Seasons. I started it in January of that year, and my plan was to stitch one quilt a month all year! Ha! What was I thinking??? I do know why I put this one aside. First, I had joined in on some forums on the internet and was introduced to lots of wonderful designs. Then I found jobelan and realized how much easier fractional stitches were on that, as opposed to the aida I had been using. And I realized that I had made a mistake in the quilt and got frustrated. Anyway, too much rambling!

The second piece is called Alice and it is by Lynne Nicoletti. I remember having a really hard time getting this pattern, and it went pretty quickly when I started it. I don't remember why I put it down tho.

The next piece is Celtic Autumn from Lavender and Lace. I don't remember when I started this one. I do remember getting the color conversion from someone online.

The fourth piece is Love with a Capital "L" from Papillon Creations. Again, can't remember how old this is, but I remember that I had just discovered Carrie's Creations threads and ordered some for this piece! At some point,  I lost the pattern and had to re-order it too.

The last UFO was actually passed on to me many years ago from a friend in Australia. It is from Glendon Place and is called Five Simple Rules. I had to buy some of the threads twice because I misplaced them, but I would really like to get this one finished this year.

The four carryover pieces from last year's Year of WIPs are;

Live Laugh Love from primitiveBettys:

Strawberry Fields Forever from Blackbird Designs:

Dicken's Last Word from The Cricket Collection:

and Sampling in the Square from Blue Ribbon Designs: (this piece was a round robin. I stitched all the borders and lettering and still have the bottom square to complete)

I would also like to work on Quaker Christmas II from ByGone Stitches: (I originally started this several years ago, but after finishing the first page, I realized that I was stitching it horizontally instead of vertically. I had too much stitched to rip out, so I restarted with different colors)

and Light of Peace, a painting from Thomas Kinkaide. ( I haven't started this one yet, but plan to this week)

Now I know there is no way that I will get all of these finished, but my goal is to at least work on each one, and who knows what might happen!

I'm looking forward to working my way through my WIPs with all of you!

Until next time, please remember to be kind to yourself and others and be grateful for every day!
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

jumping back in with both feet

It's hard to believe it's been over a year since I last posted to this blog...well, actually, maybe not so hard to believe! It's been a strange ride so far this year. I've tried to start this post a few times, each time explaining what's taken me so long to get back to blogging, but I just felt like I was rambling too much, so here are the bullet points!

  • our election last November in the US - still has me flummoxed, dismayed, many emotions that some days it's hard to believe I am really awake - but, enough said
  • after 21 years at the Oregon City Public Library, I retired at the first of the year. I miss some of the people, but I love being home!
  • in February, I had to have surgery on my eyes - retinal tears on the left, almost complete retinal detachment on the right (and then cataract surgery as well) - the recovery was long and uncomfortable - little reading, no stitching or driving
  • finally able to get back to "normal" in June - I feel like I have so much catching up to do!
  • we were able to take a wonderful vacation to Kauai in October
I had such great plans in January to stitch all the things I had been putting off, but when I couldn't stitch, I just added to my stash instead - online shopping is wonderful! 

When I got back to stitching, the first thing I wanted to do was tackle some of my WIPs. I had joined the Year of WIPs challenge with the Soulful Stitching Facebook group at the end of last year. The goal was to finish at least half of the WIPs we chose. I picked 16 pieces (one is a round robin that I still have to finish). So far, I have finished 12 pieces! These aren't all of my WIPs by any means...I don't even want to count them all! But it sure has made a dent, and I am pretty sure I will be joining in again for next year.  These are a few of my finishes:

Tea with Jane Austen from TheSampler Girl

                                                    Love Letters Celtic from Ink Circles

                                                Stawberry Garden from Blackbird Designs

                                            Abigail Gould Sampler from The Scarlet Letter

I've also joined Stitch from Stash for the coming year. When I wasn't able to stitch I just spent my time adding to an already huge stash, and then I found so many patterns that I had forgotten I had. So I know that I have plenty to keep me busy in 2018!

If you're reading this, thanks for not giving up on me after all this time, and if you're a new reader, thanks for taking a chance! With all the Facebook groups and Flosstube, it seems that so many people have abandoned their blogs. But I think I have also noticed a trend back to blogging, and I know that I, for one, have been loving getting back to reading everyone's blogs.

So, I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday...whatever it is that you celebrate. And that 2018 has lots of good stitchy times in store for you.

Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to be kind to each other.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

tea cup and mug exchange

I was lucky enough to participate in Stephanie's teacup and mug exchange at The Enchanting Rose blog. This round I participated in both exchanges and, as always, I really enjoyed the exchange. I forgot to take photos of the things I sent, but here are some photos of the wonderful items I received.

Rainey sent me a package for the mug exchange. Here is a photo of the whole package

and here is a close-up of the lovely embroidered pieces she included. 
She does beautiful work, don't you think?

I received a lovely tea cup exchange from Anne. Here is a photo of the whole package

and here is a close up of the tea cup. You can't really see the design on the cup, but it is a lovely delicate silver /gray swirly pattern.

Thank you both so much! And thank you to Stephanie for organizing this exchange each year. I always enjoy it and look forward to it each time.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

a wonderful giveaway to start the month!

Nancy from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having another wonderful giveaway. The drawing will be on November 22nd. Be sure to go to her blog and have a peek!

  Good luck to all!